Looking to decorate your garden with trees, especially the front of your house; medium or small trees are perfect for you; they will not hinder other plants or break paths with their roots or pipes. But these trees will bring shade and fresh air to your garden.

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Whether they are trees or shrubs of your choice to choose whether to plant them in your garden, you must take into account how they will grow in the future; whether you interrupt the rest of the garden plants from spreading to unwanted places. Here we leave you some species that you can plant to avoid this.

1. Crape myrtle:

This beautiful tree grows up to 7 meters, characterized by flowering in mid-summer; its flowers are small and vary in shades of white, purple, and pink. Have it in pots thanks to its size, and its rounded shape is perfect for decorating.

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2 Oleander:

It can be classified as a shrub since it grows to a maximum height of 5 meters; it is a tree that resists climatic changes and blooms during spring. It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to plant your tree. Make sure it gets sun.

These also work great in pots or hedges to decorate your driveway.

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3. Japanese maple

The Japanese maple or dwarf maple grows up to 5 meters tall, its flowers turning red in autumn. To take care of this tree, avoid direct sun, and need clay soil to grow best.

 Its size is perfect for small gardens. It is an excellent option as a presentation tree placed in a prominent place in your garden. 

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5 trees to plant near of your house 10

4. Cherry Blossom

Another small tree with mostly winter flowers; this one reaches 5 meters. Receives direct light well and supports urban environments well. You can plant it to accompany the driveway of your house or form a small group of these trees in a more open area.

You have to water it regularly, especially when it is still young. In mid-spring, it needs pruning.

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5. Laurustinus

It reaches 4 meters in height; this is a shrub that tends to flower in winter, its flowers are white, and it bears blueberries. It is a Mediterranean shrub, which is why it adapts well to extreme climates. Make sure the soil is not dry.

Being dense and rounded, it will be ideal for decorating. It is perfect as a wall to limit spaces in your garden or if you need privacy.

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