By delimiting the spaces in your garden well, you will have a better distribution and privacy. A successful compartmentalization will turn the garden into the natural extension of the home and into a more habitable space; here we bring you some ideas:

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Ideas to separate zones in the garden 5

1-Building walls:

You can build a wall that shortens some spaces; it is useful if you want the focus of attention to go to a specific place like the pool or a tree.

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Ideas to separate zones in the garden 6

2-Screen for gardens

This traditional Japanese decoration allows you to separate spaces visually. Enough to get in the way of vision if privacy is what you need and it blends in well with the environment.

3-wooden spacers

When placed horizontally, visually expand the space if it is a small garden and vertically; it improves the feeling of privacy. Wood is the perfect alternative to filter views from both sides.

5-Lattices or decorations made of high-resistance materials

These vary from materials such as synthetic and natural resins, almond shells, and others. They are perfect options for sophisticated environments. Special Walls – Duralmond

Ideas to separate zones in the garden 7

6-Separator made of stainless steel or other metal

Theses are from varios materials; the metal bars are a perfect decorative option, and the heights can vary to suit your needs.

7-Corten steel sheet

It blends well with nature because of its color. It uses asymmetric and slightly separated sheets of corten steel. They can be pierced creating hollow drawings. Due to their high weight, fixing the panels will require deep foundations.

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Ideas to separate zones in the garden 8

8-Plywood lattice and vinyl siding

Do you want to add a touch of color to the garden? This solution is perfect for more fun environments and is functional as a windbreak and separator; without actually closing off the space visually.

If you are looking for an idea that provides transparency, opt for colored methacrylate sheets mounted on a metal structure.

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