5 Most Common HOA Rules & Regulations Explained

What homeowners should know about the most prevalent HOA rules.

When looking for a new place to live, you may be drawn to a property in a community with a homeowners association, also known as HOA. You may have many questions concerning the HOA landscaping policies as you prepare your landscaping project. As a resident, you should understand what you can and cannot do.

At Innovation Grounds, we collaborate with a wide range of HOA communities. We will discuss frequent HOA rules you may encounter while planning your landscaping project, the advantages of homeowners association rules, and how they may effectively protect your personal quality of life.



Changing the exterior or real construction of your house is typically subject to limitations imposed by homeowners associations. This is due to the HOA’s preference to maintain the uniformity of the neighborhood’s residential properties.

Landscape regulations are among the most prevalent HOA rules because they guarantee that properties in the area maintain a minimal level of general curb appeal.

The following are some common design and landscaping initiatives that will almost certainly require approval from your HOA:

1. Plant Selection

A list of authorized plants is frequently included in HOA gardening regulations. This palette should list the plants that a resident is permitted to plant and cultivate. This is necessary to prevent invasive species or plants that might be harmful in your region, while also keeping all garden sections looking consistent. A misunderstanding of the plants that should and should not grow in your area can bring landscape property values down. Because following such a guideline may greatly benefit them, most homeowners are often happy to comply and are aware of its importance. Indeed, homeowners may comprehend their garden and landscape rules more quickly by using one of these accepted and thought-out examples. Furthermore, if you live in a HOA community, you may face limitations on pet-friendly plants, trees, and other greenery.
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2. Restrictions On Lawn Furniture or Sculptures

The majority of HOAs have restrictions on lawn furniture or sculptures. Lawn ornaments, sculptures, water features, and outdoor furniture may all be subject to HOA rules. The same applies to outdoor furniture that is visible to neighbors. Typical requirements may include things like quality and quantity.
Lawn decorations that hold water, such as birdbaths or fountains, can also be included. These need to be controlled because they may serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes that pose a health concern.

3. Hardscaping Limitations

Patios are often elegant, tranquil retreats. Fencing may be an attractive addition to your landscaping. However, if not correctly built or constructed, they might detract from the neighborhood’s appeal. Make sure your HOA landscaping committee approves your hardscaping projects. An HOA may compel residents to submit a design that incorporates approved colors or fence materials.
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4. Limits or restrictions on personal gardens

Personal gardens are often subject to regulations set by HOA landscaping rules. Perhaps a few vegetable plots in the backyard are allowed, but not a sizable agricultural garden. Well-kept gardens may be beautiful landscape improvements, but they can quickly become straggly. After the growing season is over, they quickly lose their charm and turn into large areas of dirt. Some HOAs are allocating space for a community garden, enabling residents to cultivate their own fruits or vegetables. It frequently incorporates irrigation and elevated planting beds that may be maintained by the homeowners within the neighborhood.

5. Tree Removal Rules

Because removal may be required for a number of reasons, HOAs frequently have tree removal rules. Perhaps a tree was planted too close to a house, posing a danger of harm to the outside, or it has gotten infected. Other tree concerns include safety dangers, difficulties in upkeep, and privacy concerns. The root problem is frequently a major factor in determining who should remove the tree. However, it should be mentioned that trees shouldn’t be cut down until absolutely necessary. Trees bring value to a community by providing shade and oxygen, as well as absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.
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