Defining and differentiating shapes in our garden is essential in landscaping, for these metallic edgings are a great option. These will allow us to define borders once we have planned their route. Here we show you how to install it:

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How to install steel garden edging: 5

There are specific steel plates on the market for this job; they can be corten or lacquered steel. These will vary in thickness and size, so be sure to find the length and bulk that you need, and thus avoid joints that do not look so aesthetically good.

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To place the metal:

 1- Mark the curve or straight line on the ground; the essential thing is to plan the place and the measurement.

2-Use metal rods for each side to leave it in the desired position. The size of the rods will vary depending on the size of the plate. It needs to be nailed about 7 or 11 inches deep.

3-Keep in mind that there are no invasive plant roots, and then proceed to weld the rods to the metal plate.

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4-If it is curved, the thickness must be at least 0,11 inches, but if it is straight 0,20 inches.

5-After this, if you need to install irrigation systems or lights. You have to dig under the metal plates below those 11 inches.

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Extend the blanket of grass or gravel that you want, and your garden will have a better appearance. Our experts can help you with the installation process if you need help.

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