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Summer is around the corner and having a verdant lawn is everyone’s aspiration.

Lush, green grass is as visually appealing as it is functional. Indeed, it serves to regulate the temperature and purify the air. To achieve this level of quality, consistent maintenance throughout the season and the adoption of appropriate lawn care procedures are essential.

From fertilization to mowing and weed control, lawn care requires time and dedication. It can be more technical than it appears, but don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our expert recommendations and solutions for maintaining a healthy, green lawn:

Grass Cutting

Regular mowing of the lawn is very important, as it helps to develop its density and homogenize its appearance. This will make it easier to till your lawn. That means the shoots will thicken and widen at the base, strengthening your grass and giving it a wonderful appearance. A lawn that hasn’t been mowed in a long time may grow unevenly and stimulate weed proliferation. As a result, mowing will be considerably more difficult.
Ideally, the lawn should be mowed at least once a week and we avoid cutting more than a third of the blade of grass. The appropriate mowing height varies depending on the season. It is advised to leave the grass a little longer than usual in the summer, around 3”2 inches. Your grass will be more resistant to drought, insects, weeds, and disease this way.

Finally, ensure to mow when the lawn is completely dry. So stay away from wet days and dewy mornings. Consider recycling grass clippings as well. It can be used as a natural fertilizer or compost when finely chopped.
Remember: At least once a year, sharpen or replace your mower blade. A damaged blade could affect the health and appearance of your lawn

We can help you

Our grass cutting service includes edging along concrete surfaces and walk paths, flowerbeds and trimming the perimeter of the lawn, and removing debris from the clippings. Get in touch today and let us keep your yard looking great!


If you want to have a healthy, green lawn devoid of weeds, water is a vital aspect to consider. Unlike mowing, it should be done infrequently but copiously, especially in summer. When should you water your lawn? There’s no need to irrigate all year. Only engage when the grass requires it, such as when it is growing and rain is limited. The watering season runs from late spring through early fall, with a peak in mid-summer. There’s no need to irrigate all year. Only engage when the grass requires it, such as when it is growing and rain is limited. The watering season runs from late spring through early fall, with a peak in mid-summer.
Water demand rises with:

Watering your grass may be done in a variety of methods, each with its own set of advantages. All you have to do now is pick the option that best fits your needs and environment.

We can help you

Because we are dedicated to providing the greatest quality products accessible, our sprinkler systems are made to last.
We offer Rain Bird and Hunter products, which come with a three-year guarantee.
We are meticulous and goal-oriented, and no work is too large or too small for us.
If you have an older sprinkler system that is in need of service, contact us, we will intervene promptly to inspect it and make all necessary repairs.
If you’re looking for a contractor that you can trust and one that will be around for you in the future then give us a call

Landscape and cleanups

Scarifying the soil, weeding your land to eradicate weeds, and fertilizing your grass are the other elements of lawn maintenance.

We can help you

To keep your home’s yard or property looking splendid and protect your lawn from damage, contact Innovation Ground Services to schedule your property cleanup. Periodic property cleanups typically include dead leaf and branch removal, weed pulling, bush and foliage trimming. Contact us for a complimentary estimate for your home’s seasonal property cleanup.

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