Roll turf: advantages, installation and maintenance

Why lay roll turf?

The fastest and most straightforward method of establishing a fresh lawn is to lay roll turf. It will quickly provide you with a good-looking, useable area in your garden.

Roll turf is pre-cultivated grass ready to be placed on already prepared land. It is recognized for its resilience and resistance to trampling.

There are several advantages to using rolled turf, including the following:

grass turf rolls

When should you lay roll turf?

landscaping worker rolling over natural grass turfs

Technically, rolled turf can be installed at any time of year. However, the ideal seasons for its installation are spring and fall.

A fall installation is especially advantageous, as it allows for excellent roots throughout the winter and good assimilation during spring.

Pose and maintenance

This grass is ideal for sloping areas that are difficult to mow, as well as shaded regions that are unfavorable to seed emergence. Regardless, for quick roots, sufficient soil preparation is necessary. If properly installed rolled turf also guarantees you flawless durability, as long as you take good care of it.

Before planting grass, your landscaper will need to thoroughly prepare your ground with a thick base of potting soil and sand. Proper soil preparation is vital for quick rooting; thus, keep the grass in the shade and water it generously.

The steps to take are as follows:

Lawn maintenance

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