Texas lawns: Summer tips

Keep your lawn Healthy this Summer

The importance of summer to your garden is crucial if you live in Texas. When your lawn care routine is inadequate, the summer heat may be brutal on your lawn. Your Texas lawn may quickly lose its quality or even die in tiny or big sections if you mow it too short, water it excessively or insufficiently, or fail to notice early symptoms of parasites. Master these summer maintenance strategies to keep your grass looking its best during the heat of the summer!

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Make sure your mower is set to a high setting in if you live in Texas, especially during the summer. Taller grass shadows the soil, which decreases water evaporation, encourages deeper roots and inhibits the germination of weed seeds.

The ideal mowing height varies depending on the grass type. Make sure to space out your mows so that you never remove more than one-third of the leaf surface at once. Sharpening the lawnmower’s blades will help improve the health of your Texas lawn.

Slicing the grass stems rather than ripping them is significantly healthier. The blades should be sharpened twice during the mowing season, which runs from early March to early October.


Early morning is when Houston, Texas residents are advised to water their lawns the most effectively.

Set your sprinklers to activate at 4 a.m., according to experts. Since it’s not as hot outside and the wind is calm at that time of day, the water doesn’t evaporate before it can be absorbed by the ground.

High summer heat and periods of minimal rainfall can be harmful to your Texas lawn. Don’t water plants in the evening. By scheduling the sprinkler for the evening, you run the risk of leaving the grass wet all night, which can encourage the growth of dangerous and unpleasant fungus.

Run your sprinklers for around fifteen minutes to achieve the desired results.

Because of the heat, your grass may become yellow. That might attract insects and other pests that feed on healthy, green grass but are not drawn to pale, dying plants. If this occurs, water the lawn generously.

texas lawn. texas lawn. texas lawn.

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Warm-season turf needs fertilizers since it develops rapidly in the summer. Fertilizer treatments in late spring and summer might improve newly planted or neglected lawns. If you need to add more nitrogen, leave at least 45 to 60 days between treatments.

Texas lawn. Texas lawn. Texas lawn.

Be cautious: When administered at rates exceeding 1 to 3 pounds of real nitrogen per 1,000 square feet, liquid fertilizers are considerably more prone to "burn" lawns, especially in the summer.


Local retailers provide a wide variety of weed-treating products.

However, not all lawn care products can be used on every type of lawn. Your St. Augustine grass lawn might be severely harmed or even killed by something that is safe for your Bermudagrass lawn.

Proper weed identification and label comprehension will typically guide you in selecting the proper product.
Take into account your other landscaping plants. Wind, rain, and irrigation water will move herbicide applications to undesirable locations.

Read any warnings that are listed on product labels carefully.

Timing is crucial. The majority of herbicides need to be used prior to weed maturity.

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