If you are wondering what to do in your garden during these cold months, you can keep in mind these species during cold months. Here is a list of flower and tree species that are ideal for planting on these dates:

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Trees and flowers for planting in January 4

Flowers for planting in January

Plant these flowers in January to be able to bloom in the sunniest months; here we indicate some specimens:

This plant is famous for its flowers, that range from red to yellow, pink, and white. It is resistant and can be planted in pots and directly to the ground. Irrigation should be moderate; the soil should always be moist.

It is a perennial bulbous plant; it must be planted in well-moistened and drained soil; as excess water rots its bulbs.

A fast-growing, undemanding plant that can be a climber and adapts well to its environment. It does not need much sunlight, and its watering must be regular. Its flowers can be purple, blue, or white.

It is a plant that blooms during cool seasons; there are many species, and it can bloom in different colors. Primula is famous for its medicinal properties as well.

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Trees and flowers for planting in January 5

Trees for planting in January:

Here we give you some names of species to plant in January or in winter seasons:

This tree needs moist soil and isolation. It is resistant and characterized by its white bark (although it can vary)and its medicinal use.

You can take advantage of the buds, sage, and bark, especially during spring.

It is a shrub; it changes color from emerald to pale green seasonally, its flowers are single, and it grows in poor, dry soil. It is ideal for landscaping as it is a neat, fast-growing shrub.

This tree resists most soils well, including limestone soil. In the garden, you can isolate it from the grass, align it with other trees, and even in pots. For take care avoid the excess sun. These trees have medicinal properties.

A beautiful shrub that a proper caring will flower into summer, it has dense foliage and is quite heat tolerant, be sure to water regularly and plant in good soil.

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Trees and flowers for planting in January 6

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