There are always many options for gardens. Each plant has particular characteristics that allow it to adapt, depending on its species and aesthetics.

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Flowering Shrubs for Residential Gardens: 5

Flowering Shrubs for Residential Gardens:

-Floral shrubs for residential gardens can produce more flowers. These can withstand different types of climates, depending on the species. They are easy to care for and plant.

-many of these can provide shade without needing to get in the way, as some big trees would.

List of the most used flowering shrubs for residential gardens, along with their specifications:

Oleander (Nerium oleander)

It is an evergreen flowering shrub; belonging to the Apocynaceae family. Also known as Roman laurel, it grows about twenty feet tall. For its part, it is very leafy and ideal for residential garden designs. In addition, it has long and pointed leaves with quite marked nerves. These are white and sometimes pink, with five petals.

Snowball (Viburnum opulus)

This flowering shrub can reach about five meters in height. On the other hand, it has large trilobed leaves, about 10 centimeters, and dark green. The Viburnum opulus generates an attractive inflorescence, shared in racemose form with the fruits. Its flowers are small and white with five petals, and its fruits are green berries.

Callistemon (Callistemon citrinus)

It is a species of flowering shrub for residential gardens. This red brush resembles a brush. On the other hand, its growth ranges from two to 10 meters in height and grows in humid terrain. Its leaves are pointed and small, grayish-green in color, about four centimeters.

Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides)

It is known as Indian jasmine, a shrub for residential gardens. It is a species native to Asia; it grows up to eight meters in height. The bush is quite branched, leafy, and aromatic. In addition, it has glossy dark green leaves, elliptical in shape, and somewhat spatulate. Its beautiful flowers are born in the abysses of its branches solitary and are creamy-white with 12 petals.

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Flowering Shrubs for Residential Gardens: 6

This flowering shrub is part of the Hydrangeaceae family. It grows between one and two meters tall. In turn, it presents large oval leaves, dark green with jagged and pointed edges at the end of them. Its flowers are present in abundant terminal corymbs, blue, pink, or white. It is ideal for residential gardens, thanks to its size and ornamental use.

Cuban jasmine (Allamanda cathartica)

It is a plant native to South and Central America, belonging to the Apocynaceae family; it is a flowering shrub with climbing characteristics. It has bright green leaves and can grow up to five meters tall. It presents beautiful trumpet-shaped yellow flowers, which can occur throughout the year.

Madrone (Arbutus unedo)

This floral shrub can reach three meters in height. For its part, it belongs to the Ericaceae family and is native to the Mediterranean. Its trunk is reddish and covered with a kind of grayish scales. In addition, it presents an attractive fruit that is a kind of globose fence, reddish when ripe. As for its flowers, they are small and white, green, or pink.

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Flowering Shrubs for Residential Gardens: 7
Rhododendron (Rhododendron yunnanense)

It is a species native to Asia, a residential flowering shrub that you should consider. This one manages to develop up to three meters in height, but it is slow growing. Rhododendron flowers are beautiful, varying in color from red to purple and white. In addition, they are impressively shaped.

Landscaping Tips:

Keep in mind that to carry out its planting, it is necessary to plan according to the height and aesthetics of the place where these shrubs will go. Take into consideration the climates and the amount of sun they will receive. And although some plants will be more resistant than others, care should never be lacking; flower gardens will always look better with proper irrigation and fertilization.

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Flowering Shrubs for Residential Gardens: 8

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