If you want to make your garden enjoyable during the winter,the important thing is to have a good design. You can always take advantage of this space; here are some tips forth is season.

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Ideas to improve your garden during the winter 6

Add sculptures: 

You can choose toadd to your garden sculptures made of concrete, bronze, corten steel, etc. These will give more prominence to your garden and decórate it during all seasons. They can range from sculptures of Roman gods to more minimalist and abstracts culptures.

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Green areas inside:

Create a small place with green inside your house, have plants in your home, and will make enjoy a pleasant environment to relax. In especial, plants that keep their foliage in warm climates plants; retain their foliage well, but some species lose their foliage during this season. In case you want to have evergreen plants in your garden. Some plants bloom all year round. Make sure you have them in your garden to give it life.

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Varies sizes:

If the elements in your garden have different sizes, this will give dynamism to your garden. 

Light up your garden:

Especially in winter, you need lighting for functionality and aesthetics. Do not forget to put lamps or lights that allow your garden to illuminate at night.

Choose out door furniture. You can choose one to be comfortable outsideduring cool afternoons. Among the out door furniture are wooden and wrought iron furniture, natural fiber furniture, aluminum furniture, etc.

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Ideas to improve your garden during the winter 9

Trellis or wire systems forvines:

This type of artifact will allow the creation of separation of spaces both outside and inside. They also serve as columns and ornamental plants that give the place a more organic and wild look.

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Ideas to improve your garden during the winter 10

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