This gardening technique allows improving the plants. Whether it is; improving the creation of fruits or health. With the graft, you can join different plants or species.

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Have the best of two worlds:

Just as evolution allows the strongest and most useful characters of a species to prevail, we can do the same with plants pecies in the short term, trying to develop the best of them.

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1-improves the condition of a sickly plant.

2-improves fruit production.

3-create immunity to pests.

4-help species to adapt to the weather, from which they are not native.

 What do you need to graft yourself a plant?

• The plant must have some genetic relationship with the species you want to inject in toit.

• allows the sap of one plant and the other to flow through them with out any obstacle or opening that causes it tospill.

• prevents the cut plant from having exposure or contact with unwanted things, such as the ground, the wind, or the sun.

• recommendation, start collecting during the winter the grafts that you want to plant during the spring.

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The plant that its roots and stem are used for the new plant to use as a base.


The new plant that will join the base plant

Fork cut:

A technique used to adhere the new stem; 4 cuts are made vertically so that both tissues are in contact. Make cuts in the bark of the scion and three cuts in the 3-inch rootstock, peel back the bark, and then leave the bark and cut those 3 inches.

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Care after grafting

The cutting made on both stems must coincide.

There are several techniques toad here to thegraft; whatever method, it is essential to apply a “dressing” so that it heals faster. There are synthetic ointments that help in the healing of the plant. Prune new growth from the plant, so that nutrients go just to this new branch, and it is more likely to thrive.

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Everything you need to know about hybridplants: 10

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