If you are looking to add bonsai to your garden, here we let you know everything you need about them

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What is a Bonsai?
Where it originated?
Reasons why your bonsai can be difficult to care for:
How to decorate your garden with bonsai?

What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai are normal trees that, through quite old care techniques, are kept miniature, it can even be achieved that their fruits are given a size proportional to their new size.


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Where it originated?

Its origin dates from the Quin dynasty in what is now China, small trees occurred naturally due to the adverse conditions in which they grew. However, the man seeing this phenomenon began his hands to imitate said result. This became a new art for gardeners, especially noble families. A difficult art that needed a lot of patience. Only the most skilled gardeners managed to master it.
Then it spread to Japan, and thanks to its new techniques it managed to reduce its size to 5 centimeters. It also began to spread with these, life philosophies that were tied to patience and care regarding the art of caring for bonsai.
During this time they were planted in pots, pots, and clay trays. And even small ecosystems will be improved by imitating the grass under the tree.

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Reasons why your bonsai can be difficult to care for:

Bonsai, unlike common trees, are planted in pots or in places where they do not have access to all the resources of the soil and nature. So they will enjoy a limited amount of water and nutrients that depend entirely on their keeper.
They are also highly sensitive to drastic pot changes. Movements that can disturb the roots, the change of land or space in which they have developed. Another reason could be excess watering or nutrient. Since anything in excess as much as its lack. It could be fatal for the tree.
Finally, the reception of sunlight cannot be forgotten. These ultraviolet rays, if received very directly, can dry out the tree. On the other hand, if too little sunlight is received, it can disrupt the internal processes of the tree. It is recommended to locate it in this direction to avoid this.

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How to decorate your garden with bonsai?

A bonsai is a tool that will give your garden great personality and elegance. If you place it in strategic places you can achieve an incredible visual effect in your garden and give it a different aesthetic.
You can play with the places where you can place them, either on pedestals; that will give height and showiness. The same can also be achieved by placing them on bookshelves and benches. It is also important to choose pots or pots, which do not take away the prominence of the tree. Allowing the specimen to stand out on its own.

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The combination of bonsai species in a harmonious way can give life to your garden. Although incredible effects can also be achieved with the same species in a more minimalist way.
Finally, the size is something that must be taken into account since from this the three-dimensionality of the landscape appeared.

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