Here we teach you how to combine elements so that your garden has the attention it deserves, with these three essential tips. You will understand your garden and what it needs.

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The vision of general elements

While the individual elements matter, their main purpose is to complement each other. So if there is any element that is out of place or in poor condition. This will take all the attention, removing the focus from those parts that beautify your garden.
For example; if you have plants that beautify the garden with flowers, but the poor condition of the grass, pots in poor condition, or poorly placed rocks take attention.
Of course, the sizes, shapes, and colors play a fundamental role. So the first thing is to find harmony and space so that they have the focus they deserve.
Look at the general shapes and include all the elements that you will need, and organize them so that they integrate well with each other.
You can give focus to certain elements, such as a large stone or benches to sit down to read strategically, everything will look more orderly.

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Give magic to your garden with illumination

If there is something that is not taken into account when planning gardens, it is lighting. We always think of the garden, being eternally in the sunlight. But using it at night is an excellent idea for meetings, or to spend time with fresh air.
Lighting is important; so the items are not going to lose in the dark and give a new aura to the garden.
There are solar lamps (for night lighting), torches, LED lights, and outdoor pendant lamps.
They will give it warmth and will allow your plants to have prominence. Of course, all this follows the general vision advice, highlighting elements with lighting.

Organization and distribution of space

The first thing is to optimize. If we distribute the space well, we can have places for walks and fill it with plants.
Space is important because it allows us to appreciate the garden and helps prevent plants from obfuscating others.
An example; place the trees at the ends of the garden, the bushes at the near, and smaller plants nearby or high up.
In this way, you will be able to appreciate the garden, and you will have a feeling of spaciousness.
Another trick is to group elements and leave spaces between them. And remember: “less is more”.You will give your plants more place to stand out and flourish.

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