“Corten Steel” or “Weathering steel” is a good option among outdoor materials, especially for landscaping, construction, and sculptures. This material and its characteristic reddish color; not only provide an incredible aesthetic that blends well with the environment but also provides durability

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How is this material made?

It was created by James Keir in 1790; while testing different alloys of materials. Corten Steel is primarily an alloy of carbon, copper, chromium, and nickel. Although if you are looking for variations of tones, it can add: manganese, sulfur, silicon, or phosphorus.

Corten steel gardening

The oxidized-looking finishes make it different from the rest of the materials; in ideal conditions does not require a hedge protector.
Ideal use is for corten steel pots, which resist moisture well.

The main advantages of this material are:

The steel can achieve different colors that alloy to blend well with the landscape without losing prominence.

Although it has a rusty effect, they will still be functional objects with mechanical durability of hundreds of years.

It has resistance to nature, and being outdoors does not corrode it, making it ideal for external construction.

Thermal and acoustic insulation.

It can be purchased in sheets of this material or, failing that, plates, which makes it very versatile.

It can be used for decorative purposes. You can modify this material; cutting it will not be a problem.

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